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The Newsstand Project’s North Hill Residency supports emerging artists across all disciplines as they explore, develop, and scale their practices through the provision of studio spaces, living quarters, production materials, and logistical support. The North Hill Residency is located in Pasadena, California.

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The Newsstand Project and The North Hill Residency are run with support from Stefan Simchowitz

Darren Goins
October 29 - November 23, 2016
At Whitcher Projects

Curated and organized by Lisa Marie Pomares



DARREN GOINS (b. 1984) currently lives and works in Los Angeles, CA. Goins’ recent solo exhibitions include Hezi Cohen Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel; Whitcher Projects, Los Angeles, CA; Hap Gallery, Portland, OR; Enter Gallery, NYC; Van Every Smith Gallery, NC; The Carillon, NC. Recent group exhibitions include Invisible Exports, NYC; Help, NYC; Fortress to Solitude, NYC; and SECCA, NC. Goins was a 2011 recipient of the EAF 11 residency program at Socrates Sculpture Park, NY. 


volatile int i = 0; /* i is global, so it is visible to all functions.
                                                                     It’s also marked volatile, because it
                                                                     may change in a way which is not predictable by
                                                                     the compiler,
                                                                     here from a different thread. */

/* f1 uses a spinlock to wait for i to change from 0. */
static void *f1(void *p)
                       while (i==0) {
                           /*do nothing – just keep checking over and over */
                    printf("i's value has changed to %d.n", i);
                    return NULL;

static void *f2(void *p)
        sleep(60);   /* sleep for 60 seconds */
        i = 99;    printf("t2 has changed the value of i to %d.n", i);
        return NULL;

int main ()
    int rc;
    pthread_t t1, t2;
    rc = pthread_create(&t1, NULL, f1, NULL);
    if (rc != 0) {
                    fprintf(stderr,”pthread f1 failedn”);
                    return EXIT_FAILURE;

[The code above illustrates busy-waiting, a computer systems technical process of spinning or checking something to see if it is ready so that it can proceed with a given process. This can be either efficient or inefficient, but either way it is eating time and the processer is waiting for an event to occur. In the 6 cnc paintings in Busy-waiting, 3 are unique, and 3 are duplicates. A total of 3 files or cut paths were created from drawings, so at any given time, the cnc machine would be etching the material while I would be painting the duplicate.]